Beijing-Haikou flight diverted after boy, 6, cheap personalized rubber wristbandsfalls sick2019-01-20 21:41:31

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A flight from Beijing to the southern island of Hainan was diverted to Shijiazhuang on Thursday after a 6-year-old passenger fell ill, reported.

Xiamen Airlines Flight MF8395 took off from Beijing Capital International Airport at 6:42 am bound for Haikou.

However, 15 minutes into the flight, cabin crew reported a boy was experiencing spasms and had a fever of 39 C.

First aid was administered with the help of a doctor onboard, but the boy’s condition failed to improve.

The plane was diverted to Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport in Hebei province and touched down at 7:04 am, according to post by the airline on Sina Weibo.

The 6-year-old boy was sent to the hospital, and the flight resumed at 7:24 am.

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