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Identify different categories of waste with a scanner, signal a full load with a red light, and send instant messages to remind residents of incorrect garbage disposals. These are just some of the functions of the new smart dustbins that have recently caught the public"s attention in Wuhan, Hubei province, according to Chutian Metroplis Daily.

Wuhan expanded its waste sorting project on Jan 19, covering 811 neighborhoods and 1.89 million residents, accounting for 17.6 percent of the city"s population. With these convenient smart dustbins, residents can dispose of their garbage at any time and receive reward points for doing so.

Tan Dazhong, a resident in Wuhan, has gained 3,000 reward points within half a year by sorting his garbage.

Here"s how he disposes of a pile of books and newspapers with the smart dustbin. First, he swipes his card in a smart dustbin for recyclable waste. Second, he puts the pile into the container as it slowly opens up. Third, a message is sent to his mobile phone in seconds, telling him the pile weighs 4,000 grams and is worth 240 points.

"The scanner on the smart dustbin can identify the category of the waste and open the right container," said Sun Qinghua, who is in charge of waste sorting in Tan"s neighborhood. "It hasn"t made a single mistake in the past half year."

The points rewarded from sorting waste can be used to buy everyday items in online and local supermarkets. Recyclable waste is worth more reward points — 100 grams of paper is equal to 10 points and discarded mobile phones are even more valuable.

Fan Chenwei contributed to this story.

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