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SEOUL -- The Democratic People"s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Saturday showcased its military muscles by parading all of its most-advanced ballistic and tactic missiles, including a submarine-launched ballistic missile which could strike targets 1000 km away.

The missiles were shown during the grand celebrations marking the 105th birth anniversary of DPRK founder Kim Il-sung, which was watched by DPRK supreme leader Kim Jong-un from a high review stand on the west side of the Kim Il-sung Square in central Pyongyang.

The most updated version of "Lightning" long-range land-to-air ballistic missiles, which was test-fired a year ago with a striking distance of 100 km, and a new submarine-launched Polaris missile capable of hitting targets 1,000 km away, were displayed in what is believed to be the biggest military parade in DPRK history.

Amid hails of "Ban Zai! (eternal life)" from soldiers of the Korean People"s Army, Kim showed a wide smile and clapped his hands constantly while seeing the military strength of his country.

This year"s celebrations of the anniversary, known as "Festival of the Sun," came amid high tensions as Washington threatened to strike the East Asian country for its nuclear and missile tests.

DPRK has promised to give a fit reply to any provocation by the United States, saying it is capable of hitting targets on US soil.

Hundreds of thousands of Pyongyang citizens also joined the parade in front of hundreds of foreign guests, diplomatic corps here and all political and military leaders and officialdom in the three-hour ceremony.

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