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The man who stabbed to death a female student at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies who was exercising on campus at night in 2016 was handed the death sentence for murder by a local court on Tuesday. 

Wang Jian held the victim, surnamed Dai, and stabbed her with a knife in the neck, breast and other parts of her body when the woman was exercising on a path between a dormitory building and a stadium on campus in the Baiyun district of Guangzhou at about 9 pm on Dec 20, 2016, according to Guangzhou Intermediate People"s Court. Wang fled the scene afterward.

Wang admitted to the stabbing but denied any motivation. He sought a lighter penalty by claiming to have a mental disorder when the stabbing happened, which was denied by the court deeming he made no confession or repented.

Dai was from East China"s Zhejiang province and was studying at the university"s College of Continuing Education, according to information released by the university.

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